The mission of NINE & TWO Press is to promote authenticity and healing by sharing stories that evoke emotion in readers and creating products that facilitate self-reflection.

NINE & TWO Press was established as the self-publishing title for author, Christine Gabriélle. Currently published are a collection of essays and short stories and a set of journals. In process is a new collection of short stories.

The vision for NINE & TWO Press is to evolve beyond self-publishing. What this looks like, only God knows, but we like to think it will include continued publishing of Christine’s short story collections as well as publishing the works of other writers. We’d also love to create more journal designs, stationery, and bookmarks to have available through an online store of our own.

The vision is big and beautiful and will need support. For now, please enjoy our current offerings, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Discovering My Outside Voice:
Essays and Short Stories

Discovering My Outside Voice is a collection of essays and short stories pulling from personal experience and vivid imagination, emotional trauma and expectation, and a desire to stop living and dreaming in silence. Christine Gabriélle takes the reader along on a journey of finding her voice, both as a Black woman and as a writer, and learning to tell her own stories.
Christine Gabriélle’s essays cover experiences from childhood and adulthood that shaped her as a person. She reflects on dropping her baby cousin in a pool, visiting a plantation, the lives of her Haitian and African-American grandmothers, and then leads the reader through the experience of her uncertain mental health during a global pandemic. Her stories tell of love, friendship, supernatural punishment, creating community, and why we remember the past.


Journal (Growing Tree)

This 300-page lined journal can be used for daily or occasional long-form journaling. This journal does not include prompts which allows you to let your thoughts flow onto the page freely.

Daily Reflection Journal (Heart)

This Daily Reflection Journal is meant to be used at the end of each day to express gratitude, encourage yourself, and reflect on your feelings, hopes, and dreams. It only takes a few minutes each day. This journal includes an introduction and a mid-year reflection along with 366 prompted daily reflection pages.


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